Kassi and Sean

Kassi and Sean

Nov 18, 2018

The Bride and Groom


How you met your fiancé? Sean and I met while we were both working at this small digital advertising agency. It was a pretty typical work situation: he was the programmer on the account I was on and if I had a problem with our site, I’d call him to work out the issues. He was very friendly and was easy to talk to and we found ourselves talking quite a bit, first about work and then our emails seemed to get longer. Our conversations would turn into after-work chats that would last 2-3 hours at a time. It was probably pretty obvious that we liked each other, but without ever having met the other and being co-workers, neither of us wanted to admit it .After about 3 months of friendly talking, I began to make plans to go out to LA to see one of my favorite bands play. They were only playing in 10 cities so if was the perfect excuse to meet him for the first time. I was pretty scared to ask him for fear of rejection, but without any hesitation he said “yes,” and unofficially, we set our first date. It was love at first sight and we began dating long distance after that.

The next 7 months were spent flying in between LA and Dallas. We also had the chance to go on mini-vacations to Austin, Chicago, and once he surprised me with a trip up the coast of California. Sean came to Dallas at the beginning of September for my 26th birthday. It was an awesome weekend where he finally got to meet my friends but it was bittersweet too because that was the last trip either of us had planned for the year. As we drove to the airport, we talked about the future and about when we would be able to see each other next. While we were still very much in love, the stress of expensive flights was taking its toll. Neither of us wanted to admit it, but we knew that this was probably going to have to end because we couldn’t afford all the travel anymore and with no plan to be together in place, we were prolonging the inevitable. Sean had only been back to his office for a couple of days in LA when our bosses approached him and offered him a position in Dallas. They were literally making it the easiest thing in the world for us to be together (and they had no idea we were dating either) and we knew it was meant to be. Sean took the offer and by the end of November, we were living just a block away from each other.

How did he propose? On 12-12-12, after about 4 years of being together, I came home from work exhausted. It was just a Wednesday and I was about to make dinner when he said he had a surprise for me. He sat me on the couch and put on some music in the background while he laid a photobook in my hand. In it were pages filled with pictures of us and amazing memories of things we’d done together – on the last page, spelled out in Gummi Bears, it read “Will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and asked me again and of course, I said yes!


Your Bridal Gown & Accessories


Who was the wedding gown designer? Sottero & Midgley, Adorae

What was your favorite Feature about your dress: the crystal detailing around the waistline – also, how skinny my waist looked in it!

How did you know your dress was “the one”? I was pretty deadest against a mermaid fit and knew that I wanted a dress with “skirt drama.” (I feel like all my bride friends have all said these exact words and regretted them, haha). After trying on 6 or 7 dresses I thought, I liked them all but didn’t truly find any I loved. Lisa asked me to try on her favorite, and she brought out Adorae. The minute I was laced in the gown, Lisa brought me the veil and I knew this was exactly how I wanted my husband to see me for the first time on our wedding day.


Describe your experience at Pence & Panache: Amazing! Lisa was so knowledgeable and helpful and the store had so many gorgeous dresses. I had so much fun trying on different styles and I loved the way the runway area was laid out – it definitely heightened the emotional drama that day and made it really set in that I was getting married! It was a perfect experience for my mom and me.

Accessories chosen to accent your dress: I wore a fingertip length veil with crystal beading details around the edge. I also wore sparkly Kate Spade shoes and diamond and pearl chandelier earrings.


Your Wedding Day



Wedding Venue: City Club Fort Worth

What was your “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”? Something Old: my grandmother’s diamond in my ring, Something new: new earrings, Something borrowed: my dad’s engineering silver ring, Something blue: a Lego Leonardo Ninja turtle mini-figure that I added to my bouquet

What is your #1 tip for brides in the planning process? Hire a wedding coordinator or find a venue that comes with a wedding coordinator.


How do you describe the theme of your wedding? 1000 Ninja Turtle Paper Cranes (but in a very classy way)

What color palette did you select and how did you choose? Ninja Turtle Colors: blue, red, orange and purple

Do you have any advice for brides who are still searching for their perfect bridal gown? Never say never. Trust the boutique consultants to know what they’re doing and don’t be afraid to ask them for recommendations (and don’t be afraid to LOVE that recommendation!)

What was your favorite part of your wedding day? The whole day was absolutely perfect but the most special part was the last song of the night. The venue coordinator was starting to wrap everything up and move everyone outside to the send-off line when we requested one-last song from our band: Don’t Stop Believin by Journey. As soon as the first few beats started playing, everyone rushed to the dance floor and my husband and I found ourselves in the middle of a circle, surrounded by our closest friends and family. It was literally a movie montage moment where everyone was belting out the words at the top of their lungs, arm-in- arm for one last perfect memory before the night was over.