Amanda and Kenneth

Amanda and Kenneth

Nov 19, 2018

Amanda looks incredibly stunning in this Maggie Sottero bridal gown. This all over lace dress simply takes your breath away, and probably her new husband’s. Thank you so much Amanda for being a Featured Bride and we wish you a blissful and enchanting marriage!

The Bride and Groom


How did you meet your fiancé? My family owns a restaurant and about 7 years ago my fiancé came to work there as a waiter.

How did he propose? He knew that I have always wanted to go to the Alamo Draft House in Austin, which is a movie theater where you can order food and drinks. I had never been there before so this alone was going to be awesome. It was a Saturday when he decided that we should make our way down to Austin and catch a 7:00 movie. I was extremely excited!! I became confused when he mentioned that after the movie he wanted to go out to eat afterwards. I didn’t understand this because we were supposed to be eating at the movies, this was the whole purpose of going to this specific place. He was really adamant that we go eat afterwards; he said that he found this place that we need to try. This kind of threw me for a loop because he never searches for anything. I am always the one making travel plans and finding different places to go. I suggested that wherever we are going after we can just get some dessert. He seemed OK with that. I picked the movie, Black Swan, real romantic I know, and we headed to this mysterious place. All he gave me was the address and we put it in the GPS. We finally got to our destination and it was a sweet little Italian restaurant called Romeos, so surprised that he found a place like this. We went in and enjoyed some dessert and a live band. We decided that we should probably leave and head back to Waco but there was one more thing he had to do. Right before he go to the car, he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. I was completely caught off guard but amidst my shock I said yes!

Your Bridal Gown & Accessories


Who was the designer for your wedding dress? Maggie Sottero- Georgina

What was your favorite feature about your dress? I love all the lace and the long train.

How did you know your dress was “the one”? When I first looked at it, I didn’t think that this one would be it because it was strapless and I originally did not want strapless. I tried it on and when I walked out and saw my mom and sister’s faces, I knew this was it. I did not even want to take it off and I couldn’t even remember what the other dresses looked like that I had previously tried on.

How would you describe your experience at Pence & Panache?
I loved how intimate it was at this boutique. There were not people running around everywhere and my assistant was right there to help me with what I needed. I loved the runway that you walk out on with all the mirrors to see the front and back of dresses. This was definitely the experience I was looking for when finding my wedding dress.

What accessories did you wear to accent your dress? I wore a mantilla veil that was made to go with the Georgina dress, some sparkly tear drop earrings, and an ivory flower at the reception.

Your Wedding Day


What was your wedding venue? The ceremony was at St. Louis Catholic Church in Waco, Texas. The reception was at Roosevelt Ballroom in Waco, Texas

What was your “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”? Something old- used my mom’s wedding dress to make the ring bearer pillow, something new- my dress, something borrowed- the wrap around my bouquet, something blue- my Dallas Cowboys garter.

What is your #1 tip for brides in the planning process? I would say not to stress too much because in the end everything will come together, you will finally realize that the day is just about you and your husband to be.


How do you describe the theme of your wedding? The theme of my wedding was elegant and traditional.

What color palette did you select and how did you choose? I chose navy and white. Since we were getting married in the winter time, I wanted the white to really pop and it does when you pair it with navy.

Do you have any advice for brides who are still searching for their perfect bridal gown? Have an open mind when it comes to selecting, try on a few you thought you would never wear because one of those dresses could possibly be the one.


What was your favorite part of your wedding day? I loved every minute of my wedding day but my favorite was when they opened the doors for me to walk in and out of the 300 people at my wedding the only person I saw was my future husband waiting at the end of the aisle. That was the most amazing feeling and it’s something that I will cherish the rest of my life.